3.All the following statements are true except that _________.

The two world wars in Europe have greatly change the literary landscape in UK. ( )

Since no man volunteered for the job, the boy scouts in springfield, illinois, have a woman troop leader. _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

The decision to quit school at that young age is,_____,the most stupid thing I have ever done.

The office closes for three days __________ New Year.

同时履行抗辩权构成要件包括( )。

A vicar suggests that extra handkerchiefs should be prepared, in case the bridegroom should cry for joy at the wedding ceremony.

In general, the amount that a student spends for housing should be held to one-fifth the total ________ for living expenses.

It’s not easy to ______ a job.

The full English breakfast is a substantial meal for the rich people, not the working class.

Who is the \seed\ of a family tree?


He may be( )and he’s all alone.

The security with the longest maturity is a Treasury _________

_____provides a wide range of programming for broadcast on radio, TV and the Internet around the world in forty-six languages, promoting a positive view of the United States.

Why do many people love tipping according to the author?



2.What is Duke’s most remarkable contribution to the town?

The couple had ________ having children to establish their careers .

_____ did he worry about his financial position that he couldn’t sleep at night.

What does the phrase\press conference\mean?

毛泽东的《浪淘沙。北戴河》中,“浪海沙”是词题,“北戴河”是词牌。( )



知,到,智慧,树,2020,组织,与,领导,期末,答案,【摩臣平台代理最高奖金】【摩臣平台招商】机动车交通事故责任中的’凯动车\不包括( )

I’d like to remind you that there is no_____on the part of suspects to answer questions.

Please explain why people say \We communicate the way we do because we are raised in a particular culture and learn its language, rules, and norms.\

He sat leaning against the back of the seat with his legs ______ straight in front of him.

MTV first appeared at the time ______.

The US grows ________ of the world’s corn and ________ of its soybeans.

Long-term debt and equity instruments are traded in the _________ market.

When talking about temperatures, Chinese people always use Centigrade (Celsius), while American people commonly use Fahrenheit. (T/F)

________, he does get angry with her sometimes.

How many Sumatran tigers remain in the world?

The little girl enjoyed the violin as much as Mary did when she was at that age.

Whom is the girl waiting for?

—Has Mary told you about her________ as a kid?—Yes. She ______ all sorts of difficulties and hardships.

More than one-third of the Chinese in the United States live in California, ______ in San Francisco.

I’d like you to give me to read.

The aim of this initial meeting is _______(clarification) the issues.

The word ( ) means \the party who initiates a lawsuit by filing a complaint with the clerk of the court against the defendant(s) demanding damages, performance and/or court determination of rights\.

The manifestation of acute bilirubin encephalopathy in early stage includes of

特种设备作业人员在作业过程中发现事故隐患或者其他不安全因素,应当立即( )。

The new secretary has written a remarkably ________report within a few hundred words but with all the important details included.

2 What is the reason behind such a move?

What is most likely to happen when advanced batteries become widely used?


______ the birth-control policy, the growth of population has slowed down.

What is the theme of this lecture?

Who is going to read it? (5.0分)

_____ the prices of daily goods going up, people can’t afford to buy expensive things.

What encourages firms to enter markets?

5 Put the story in order.a where he learnt to read and write.b He stayed there until he was sixteen,c When Tom was three,d and then he went to college.e After that, he went to secondary school.f He left college when he was 18g At the age of five,h he started nursery school.i he went to primary school,j and got a job in a bank.

How much a day do you ?

__________, the negotiation went further on.

Man’s life is often ________ to a candle. (2.0分)


1000 pilgrims traveled for the U.S. In the first year of their arrival, nearly half of them died due to the extreme cold in winter.

When is the Mid-Autumn Festival?

What problem does the man’s grandmother have( )


We must ______ that the experiment is controlled as rigidly as possible.

9 Complete the conversations.Conversation 1W Are you ►ready to order?C Yes, I’ll (1) ____ the steak.W And (2) ____ would you like it?C Rare, please. And a bottle of mineral water.W Yes, of (3) ____. Still or (4) ____?C Still, please.Conversation 2C Could I have (5) ____ more water, please?W Certainly. And would you like a (6) ____?C Yes, I (7) ____ have the ice cream. Then could I have the (8) ____.W Yes, (9) ____.

Lingering Garden is located in ______.

4.What are the differences in the Chinese, Americans and the British people respectively in terms of consuming habits?

Michael thinks he has broken his ______.

5. What will Alice and Tony probably do tomorrow morning?Have __________________.

You can _____________ a pleasant image and bring the picture alive or you can do deep breathing.

What are the synonyms used for dull in Text A “Writing for Myself”?

Does the speaker believe these generalizations?

句型改写the husband, spend all his money, drink; his wife save her money, for the family. (Join the words into one sentence with “while”.)

Almost all college teachers will emphasize the importance of students’ _____ in the course at the very beginning of a new semester.

The table shows that the non-work-related activities employees most often do was ________.

I gave him full ________ (direct) to enable him to find the house.

以下代码会打印什么?>>> old = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]>>> new = old>>> old = [6]>>> print(new)

In other parts of the countries, youth justice workers are more concerned about the massive ____ of cases.

char *s1=’hello’,*s2;s2=s1;则().

In her next job, Lisa N. may have to drive to the city and then change to the light rail.

–Good afternoon. I’d like to know the temperature in the pool today. –_________.

How can an interviewer get right inside the interviewee, according to Michael?

In 1988, Adair troubleshot what was possibly the world’s worst ocean accident at the Piper Alpha oil platform in the North Sea where one hundred sixty-seven men were killed when the oil rig exploded after a gas leak.

How did the Shang people see nature, and what did they call their gods?


I’m not _____ to think I can excel in maths without efforts .

What problem does the man’s grandmother have( )



I happened ____ the article when he asked me about it.A. having read B. to have read C. to be read D. reading

Which dynasty did the Spring Festival originated in? ( )

What should Michael do first?

Just like Uncle Tom in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Josiah Henson was a long-suffering slave who was unwilling to stand up for himself.

Not many economies ______ in 1990, least of all gold exporters like Australia.

You don’t need to go inside the restaurant in order to buy the hamburgers.

According to the article, which of the following is true?

I think I turned off the light but I’ll go back and _____.

I would mend your radio, but I don’t know ________.


The teacher treats us as if we _____ her own children, so all the students in our class think highly of her.

I’d like to remind you that there is no_____on the part of suspects to answer questions.


Advertising agency would not potentially be a stakeholder in an organisation.

The language ____ in that African country is French.

用下面的T-SQL语句建立一个基本表:create table student (sno char(4)primary key,sname char(8)not null.sex char(2),age int)可以插到表中的元素是()

During the Han dynasty, China’s seeding system was far more powerful than the European seeding system.

We were very astonished to find that her voice was full of anxiety.